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Do you know that you want to be in a different place, but can’t figure out the best way to get there? The destination is clear, but the road is a little foggy. Your Coach can help you clear away some of the fog by uncovering the tools that you need to use to get to your destination. The best part is you already have everything you need, its just time to see things differently. With Coaching, you are in control. No one will tell you what to do or how to do it. Rather, your Coach will come alongside you as you navigate this journey and they will help you see things differently.

“There is strength in numbers.” -author unknown.

Are you part of a group of like-minded people? Do you and your friends have similar goals? Maybe go to college, save for a vacation, start a small group Bible Study or just save more money. Group Coaching may be what you need. Our Coach could meet with your group and support your goal by identifying ways that you all can reach it together. Usually, one member of the group has a wealth of knowledge that they assume the others members already know and so they don’t share. Our Coaches know how to ask the right questions to draw out the skills and resources that each group member has. Then, the Coach will help the group see how to utilize those skills to help the group reach its collective goal. Invite us to your group and let’s reach for your goal now.

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