Coaching Philosophy

Our Coaching philosophy is that you as a person are wholly capable of achieving your goals.  We are like passengers and you are the driver.  When a driver takes a long journey, he or she may like to have someone along to talk with and help them watch the road.  The passenger doesn’t tell you where to go but will warn you if she sees something that you may not see.  More importantly, when you arrive at your destination, the passenger is there with you to reflect on the journey and to share the funny, the sad, but more importantly, the unique moments that made the journey memorable.  By working with one of our Coaches, you can expect the road trip to be challenging and eventful.  But, if you have a specific destination in mind, self-determination, and a willingness to be coached, you are ready for the adventure.

Contact one of our Coaches for a 30 min consultation where you can share your goal and get to know your Coach better.  After a little chat, if you feel the Coach’s style is a good fit for you, buckle your seat belt and let’s begin your journey.