Brandy Baxter

Brandy Baxter – A mother of two, happily married and a Military Veteran.  She is also a Mission Continues Delta Class 2012 Fellow Alumna and an Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA-Texas) Squad Member where she continues to serve in her community. She has a B.A in Communication, a M.S in Management and is an Accredited Financial Counselor (AFC®).  Her family is her number one priority, which means she spends almost all of her spare time with her husband and two daughters.  Outside of family time, her interests include reading, shopping and watching Sunday Night Football.

Brandy’s passion for personal finance began many years ago when she received a past due notice for a credit card she signed up for during her freshman year of college.  Although she only had a part-time job, she had a $1,000.00 credit limit!  Soon she realized that there were gaps in her understanding of financial matters.  Throughout the years, she began reading various financial magazines, online articles and books.  It was when she was introduced to the writings of Larry Burkett that she felt a calling to help other individuals and families fill the gaps in their understanding of financial matters.  Brandy has been gathering practical experience in Personal Family Finance since 2007.  Through countless hours of research and creative strategies, she was able to eliminate over $75,000.00 of consumer debt from her family finances.  As a result, she became determined to help other families who were in similar situations: working hard for their money and their money hardly working for them.

Brandy completed a Certificate of Graduate Studies from the University of Texas at Dallas in Executive Coaching and she is eager to practice her new coaching techniques.  By using the Solutions Focused coaching model, Brandy will be able to partner with clients as they unlock their goals.  Although her niche is Financial Coaching, she is trained as a solutions focused coach which means she can support you as you work toward any goal.  Contact her for a FREE 30 min consultation where you can share your coaching goal and get to know her a little better.  After your chat, if you feel her coaching style is a good fit for you, she looks forward to walking along side you as you start living abundantly now.