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The mission of Living Abundantly is to improve the financial lives of clients using coaching methods to  bring their future goals into their present reality. Through  workshops and webinars, clients are equipped to take control of their personal finances and stop living paycheck to paycheck. Coaching programs help clients identify and plan for life goals such as home ownership, travel, time spent with loved ones, college savings, and retirement. Clients eventually maximize their potential to live a life of financial freedom; to live abundantly!


Our focus.

Coaching that leads to abundant living, one dream at a time.
Working Professionals

You work hard for your money and it seems like your money is hardly working for you. Where does the money go? Cashflow Coaching can help you put your money to work.

Military Veterans

Life after the military can be overwhelming, especially when you no longer have your Active Duty benefits. Veteran friendly Coaching can help you move you from "I wish" to "Mission Accomplished!"


The Bible talks about money more than you think. Yet many are hesitant to talk about money, especially money challenges. Faith-based coaching creates a prayerful space to honor God with your finances.


Each client is unique and Coaching is client focused. No matter how you identify yourself, or the money challenges you may face, Coaching can help you have an abundant financial life.


Coaching: What to Expect

We understand you may have questions. Let's start with these.
Goal Acknowledgment

What would you like to do?

Goal Action Plan

How do you want to do it?

Goal Accountability

Who will remind you?

Goal Attainment

When will you celebrate?

Cashflow Coaching:
How is your money flowing?

Are you ready to move from cash broke to having cash flow?  If so, you might be ready for cashflow coaching.  Check out program options below.


Our Programs

We offer programs designed to meet you where you are and to take you where you want to go.

Consistent Cashflow

Instead of existing pay period to pay period wondering if you’re going to have enough to pay the bills, start living! With consistent cashflow, you’ll know exactly where your money is going.  Are you ready to take the first step?


Sometimes, financial goals can seem out of reach. They can seem so far away that you don’t know where to begin. Then you need to meet our Divas


Exceeding Abundantly

God is able to do far more abundantly than we can ask or think. That includes our finances. Are you ready to trust Him?


Our Services

Let's find the best way to serve you.
Programs are approximately three months in length.
Group Coaching


Individualized Program


Coaching as You Go




Here's what other's have to say.

Brandy has a heart and passion for building strong relationships while building her business.  If you really want to get your finances in order, please see how she can help you.

Star Williams

Founder, Power Forward Woman, LLC and Stars United Global Outreach


Why Select Living Abundantly?

We understand you want the most value for your time. We also understand you want the most value for your money. We will not waste either.

Our clients learn new skills, develop new habits, and actually accomplish their goals.


Financial coaching is more than dollars and cents. It’s about creating the best life for you, one that makes sense.


We are relentless when it comes to customer satisfaction.  We strive to make each session a valuable use of your time.


We are always challenging ourselves to learn new things. We’ve also made our fair share of financial missteps, so our experience helps us walk the walk.

Code of Ethics

We adhere to a Code of Ethics as outlined by the Association of Financial Planning Counseling and Education. We also adhere to a spiritual and moral code to do no harm.


Our reputation in the personal finance community is strong and hard earned.  We partner with other companies that value hard work and a standard of excellence.  

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It's Time to Live Your Abundant Life!

This blog will share Brandy's journey to abundant living. You'll be surprised to learn it not all about money. Abundant living is about freedom of choice, freedom of thought, and freedom from financial stress!

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